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Here we provide the previews for all of the Pasteware cheat clients to showcase what you can expect before buying, as well as the prices which are shown in USD. You can also watch the video trailers for each of our cheats by clicking on the spoiler buttons.

Escape from Tarkov Cheat: ( $39.99 - weekly | $94.99 - monthly | $449.99 - lifetime ):


Apex Legends Cheat: ( $24.99 - weekly | $49.99 - monthly | $299.99 - lifetime ):


Rust Cheat: ( $24.99 - weekly | $49.99 - monthly ):

Please note that the previews have been last updated on the following dates (format: DD-MM-YYYY):
Apex: 01-20-2024
EFT: 09-02-2023
Rust: 04-12-2022

The preview update dates above do not reflect the state or time of the latest cheat update history/maintenance.
If several weeks/months have passed since the above date, it is likely that more features and improvements have been added to the cheats.​
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